About Wildflower Hikes

Hi, my name is Charlie Russell. and I’ve always been interested in wildflower pictures. There are many wonderful places that offer easy day hikes where you can see a huge variety of wildflowers. In this blog I hope to share information about some of the hikes that I’ve taken.

When I started this blog in 2010 it was called “California Wildflower Hikes”, as that was my focus. In 2015 I decided to expand this to add wildflower spots throughout the United States, and a few from other countries I have visited. And, I may add some articles about other kinds of places I’ve visited, where wildflowers aren’t necessarily the focus.

As far as wildflowers, this is not intended to be a “wildflower hotline” where you can find up to the minute reports on where to find wildflower displays at the time that they are blooming. There are other sites that do this, but there also is concern because these “hotlines” can bring in large crowds of people who may trample on the flowers and trespass on private property. Please, if you take one of these hikes, be respectful of private property and take only pictures.

For more up-to-date information see my California Wildflower Hikes Facebook page.

Purchasing Photos: Many of my photos are available to purchase, as prints, canvases and other formats. See photo purchasing page for details.  

Flower Identification: I’m not a professional botanist. Whenever I believe I have identified a plant I’ll post my best guess. Feel free to correct me or to fill in the blanks when I say “I don’t know what this is”.

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Disclaimer: I don’t charge you for the information in this blog. No subscription fee, no membership fee. I would like to be able to retire off of the income that this blog generates, but that is very unlikely. I probably spend WAY too much time writing this. If I were a cost accountant (and I definately am not) then I would find that I am earning an insanely small amount per hour that I put into this things. HAVING SAID THAT, I do earn a few dollars from this. So, full disclosure:

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