Equipment I Use

Hiking and Photography Equipment

Here’s some of the equipment that my wife and I use while hiking and taking wildflower photos. Everything I show here is highly recommended, I use them all!

Please note that I’m in the process of building this page, more will come soon.

Trekking poles are essential equipment when hiking. This is the shorter, lighter set that my wife uses.

I use the Camranger with my iPad to create “stacked” images, and to preview images. I don’t often take this on long hikes, because I don’t carry my iPad (although this works with smart phones as well). I work with this in situations where the car is close and I can spend a lot of time working on an individual photo.

The Peak Design CapturePro Camera Clip is a godsend for anyone who is hiking and needs quick access to their camera. I clip this to the shoulder strap of my backpack. Slip the camera in the clip, my hands are free. Very, very steady. Just a click of a button and I have my camera in my hand.

The picture is misleading, click on it to see other shots. This is the “stabilizer” for the Peak Design CapturePro Camera Clip. I don’t attach all of this to my belt because that is too much weight for my belt and I might run into an embarrassing situation. I clip all this on my backpack shoulder strap. If you have a long lens on your camera, this pad really helps. It adds some extra support and padding to the camera clip, making it much more comfortable for long treks.

I used to only buy desktop software, where you could purchase something and own it. However, Adobe has finally convinced me that a subscription for their software makes sense. They are continually providing worthwhile updates, and the subscription price is reasonable. You get both Lightroom and Photoshop, along with a large number of mobile apps that I use on my iPad. Lightroom is a key product for organizing photos, removing spots, as well as adjusting exposure, cropping and so forth. My main use for Photoshop is to create collages and posters (I don’t do major editing of photos).

Please also view my Wildflower Books page, where I list the books that I rely on.