Grouse Ridge to Glacier Lake

The Grouse Lakes area has a number of good hiking trails, although it isn’t the easiest area to get to. There is a good trailhead at the Grouse Ridge campground. This year we took the […]

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Butterfly Valley Botanical Area

I’ve wanted to visit the Butterfly Valley Botanical Area for a long time, so when we went orchid hunting recently near Quincy we made sure that we had enough time to visit this area. Instead […]

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Orchids in Plumas County

More orchids in Plumas County! On the same trip where we found orchids near Quincy, we visited a few spots on the way up the Feather River Canyon. We found flowers in several places, but […]

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Plumas County Wildflowers

Orchids! What a wonderful find! Plumas County is a wonderful place for wildflowers, and this year we were very lucky to be able to find several species of orchids, some quite rare. We were very […]

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Traverse Creek Wildflowers

The Traverse Creek Botanical Special Interest Area is a 220 acre reserve out in the country between Georgetown and Placerville in El Dorado County. It is a small valley with serpentine soils and a nice creek, with a […]

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Mt. Diablo Wildflowers, North Peak Trail

I’ve lived all my life in Northern California, and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never been hiking at Mount Diablo State Park before! When I saw that the Mount Diablo Interpretive Association (MDIA) had a […]

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North Table Mountain Wildflowers

The North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve is a unique place where it is easy to find a wide variety of beautiful flowers. There isn’t a trail, you just wander over acres of countryside that can […]

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King Mountain Wildflowers

The King Mountain Open Space Preserve is a fun, accessible hike in Marin County that is a part of a cluster of interconnected parks and preserves with a wide variety of trails. The main trail is a loop around […]

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Ring Mountain Wildflowers and Views

The Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve is a small area located in Marin County, just off highway 101 next to Tiburon. The main reason to hike here are the wonderful views of the San Francisco bay, but […]

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South Yuba River State Park Buttermilk Bend Trail

I’ve driven through the South Yuba River State Park on several occasions, usually to see the Bridgeport Covered Bridge. I didn’t realize that there was a wonderful wildflower hike there also. Several, in fact! We […]

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