Purchasing Photographs

Charlie Russell Nature Photography

All of the photos that are found in this website are available for purchase or licensing. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via my contact page.

Due to the variable nature of sales tax and shipping, I do not have an online “shopping cart” set up at this time. Tell me which photographs you are interested in, the size and style of print, and your location, then I can provide you with a specific quote as soon as is possible.

For pricing and options that are available:

  • Photographic Prints: Prints on professional photo papers with a variety of surfaces.
  • Fine Art Prints: Display quality using special Fine Art papers and premium archival inks.
  • Metal Prints: Specially coated aluminum sheets with infused dyes.
  • Canvas Prints are available upon request. For details, contact me via my contact page.

A Note About Online Image Quality

The format used for images on web sites uses lossy compression and cannot display the full dynamic range (from white to black) or range of colors. In addition, the computer screen backlights the image while the print is lit from the front. Therefore, web versions of photographs do not have the same quality seen in prints, and prints will look somewhat different from what you see on your monitor. I happen to think prints look better!

What About Watermarks?

Your print will not include a watermark. These appear only in the online display versions for copy protection.

Use of Photographs and Articles on Web Sites and Blogs

I’m always happy to hear that you find joy or inspiration in my photography or that you find my writing interesting and useful. If you like one of my photographs or one of my posts and you want others to know about it via your website or blog please post a text link back to the original photograph on my web site. While I appreciate the text links, you must ask me for permission before posting my photographs on other web sites and before reposting my articles or substantial portions of them. This applies to commercial and non-commercial web sites, and the same copyright issues apply in both cases. Do not copy photographs or articles and place the copied material on your website without prior permission. 

Any use of my photography in a web site or other electronic form (as well as in printed form) is subject to copyright laws and may only be done with appropriate permission and a license. Please contact me for more information if you would like to license photographs for web/electronic placement or for any other use of my photography or writing.


I license photographs for many purposes including installation in public/private/corporate spaces, hotels, restaurants, gift shop sales in national parks and monuments, magazines/journals, book covers, cards, web sites, brochures, and so forth. Contact me for more information or to send a proposal.

Requests for Print Donations and Cost-Free Licenses

I occasionally donate a limited cost-free license to use my photography to organizations that do “good work” in the public interest and whose causes I believe in. If you think that your request might be in line with my general policies, please contact me to discuss your proposal. One example would be the Yolo Basin Foundation.


All photographs and articles on this website are © Copyright Charlie Russell – All Rights Reserved. No unauthorized use is permitted – and all use requires advance permission.