Wildflower Books

There is a tremendous amount of great information that you can find when searching the Internet (like this blog!), but I often find myself doing a lot of my research with books. Perhaps I’m old fashioned (or, just old), but I like to start looking for information about where to hike, and what I might find there, with a good book.

Here are some of the books that have served me well. I have used all of these, and highly recommend them.

Wildflowers in California





Although this next book isn’t a typical “wildflower guide”, it is one of my favorite books. Bob Gibbons travels all around the world exploring fantastic locations for wildflowers and natural history, and this book gives you a wonderful overview of what you can find throughout the world. Several of the hikes I’ve written about were inspired by this book. I also have accompanied Bob on several tours (Greece, Italy, Estonia) as a part of his Natural History Travel company. Wonderful!

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