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Paradise Serpentine Barrens

OK, it sounds odd, “Paradise” and “Barrens” together? Well, “Paradise” in this case is the town of Paradise, near Chico, and the “Serpentine Barrens” is an interesting trail just past the town. So, the Paradise […]

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Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve Wildflowers

The Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve is an interesting site to visit in the Spring. Close to Lake Berryessa in the coastal range of Northern California, you have a couple of options. You can take the […]

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Butterfly Valley Botanical Area

I’ve wanted to visit the Butterfly Valley Botanical Area for a long time, so when we went orchid hunting recently near Quincy we made sure that we had enough time to visit this area. Instead […]

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Orchids in Plumas County

More orchids in Plumas County! On the same trip where we found orchids near Quincy, we visited a few spots on the way up the Feather River Canyon. We found flowers in several places, but […]

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Plumas County Wildflowers

Orchids! What a wonderful find! Plumas County is a wonderful place for wildflowers, and this year we were very lucky to be able to find several species of orchids, some quite rare. We were very […]

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Traverse Creek Wildflowers

The Traverse Creek Botanical Special Interest Area is a 220 acre reserve out in the country between Georgetown and Placerville in El Dorado County. It is a small valley with serpentine soils and a nice creek, with a […]

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Mt. Diablo Wildflowers, North Peak Trail

I’ve lived all my life in Northern California, and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never been hiking at Mount Diablo State Park before! When I saw that the Mount Diablo Interpretive Association (MDIA) had a […]

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North Table Mountain Wildflowers

The North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve is a unique place where it is easy to find a wide variety of beautiful flowers. There isn’t a trail, you just wander over acres of countryside that can […]

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King Mountain Wildflowers

The King Mountain Open Space Preserve is a fun, accessible hike in Marin County that is a part of a cluster of interconnected parks and preserves with a wide variety of trails. The main trail is a loop around […]

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Ring Mountain Wildflowers and Views

The Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve is a small area located in Marin County, just off highway 101 next to Tiburon. The main reason to hike here are the wonderful views of the San Francisco bay, but […]

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