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Wildflower hikes in the United States


Onion Valley Wildflowers

Onion Valley is a fen near the Emigrant Gap area in Placer County that has an interesting variety of wildflowers. We visited this area in mid June 2020. It is easy to reach, you can […]

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Clover Springs Preserve

Clover Springs Preserve is a 250 acre property owned by the city of Cloverdale, in Sonoma County. It has an amazing wealth of wildflowers! There are several serpentine outcroppings, so there are a number of […]

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Early Hope Valley Wildflowers

Hope Valley is best known for its wonderful fall colors, but it also is a prime wildflower site. Since it is at a lower elevation than the nearby Carson Pass wildflower hot spot you can find a […]

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Charity Valley Wildflowers

Charity Valley isn’t as well known as its neighbor, Hope Valley, but it is worth a visit to see a variety of high-country wildflowers. There are several trails in the area, but this year we just […]

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Rock Creek Nature Trail

The Rock Creek Nature Trail is a very short but interesting hike in Nevada County where you can find some interesting wildflowers. You’ll also find a good variety of wildflowers along the road into and […]

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Bear Valley Wildflowers

One of the most amazing wildflower spots in Northern California is Bear Valley, in Colusa County. While this is a somewhat remote location, the wildflowers are actually very accessible because you don’t have to hike a […]

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Mather Vernal Pools

Vernal pools are very special environments, and California has the most diverse vernal pools in the world. The Mather vernal pools are a great example, and they are easily accessible. This is an area that […]

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North Table Mountain 2020

The North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve is one of the most amazing wildflower sites in California. The unique geography of the site creates a wide variety of of micro-environments there, which results in a varied collection […]

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Matt Davis Trail Wildflowers

The Mount Tamalpais area has a wide variety of hiking trails where you can find wildflowers, and one of our favorites is the Matt Davis trail. Usually we do an out-and-back hike that is a bit […]

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Homestead Valley Wildflowers

It is always fun to hike in Marin County, where you can find wonderful wildflowers in close proximity to good roads and “civilization”. One of the best examples of this is Homestead Valley, where you […]

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